voicemail greetings for work helpThe voicemail has become part and parcel of our daily lives. In fact, with how busy we are, isn’t it great that we can have an automated part of ourselves to answer to our family, friends, and clients when we’re preoccupied? There are even out of office voicemail message greetings. We’re talking about voicemail greetings for work. In fact, the stats don’t lie; more people are using voicemails than they were years ago. For example:

  • In the business world, 75% of all calls are not picked up on the first attempt
  • 60% of all incoming calls are not as important as the work that is currently taking place at the office.
  • 90% of all incoming messages on phone usually have incomplete information.
  • 76% of all business calls that take place are not time sensitive.

That being said, voicemail business greetings are becoming increasingly important because they save on time and prevent an organization from disorienting their workflow.

Ways in Which Voicemail Greetings for Work Differ from Personal One

Business phone greetings for voicemail are unique from personal voicemails in many different ways. In fact, here are some of the top ways in which the two are different from one another:

Professional voicemails should include your name as well as your company’s name so as to get hired They include your name but you don’t have to include any professional details
These messages are short, simple and straightforward Can be witty and you are allowed to express your personality
May include optional contact information such as e-mail address, cell phone  or even your social media account name for easier contact Not necessary to include other personal information as you can easily get in touch with the other person when you feel like doing so
The voicemail should be similar to the tone of your business or company You have freedom to express yourself whichever way you deem necessary in your voicemail. Even funny voicemail greetings are possible!
Ensure to let your callers know that you will return your call immediately, once you are able to get in touch and not preoccupied You have the laxity to get back to your callers when you are available; alternatively, you can decide not to call back if you do not feel like
When it comes to the professional greeting for voicemail, it is advisable  that you renew the voicemail every time to stay up-to-date with the transformations and evolution of your business or company You can have the same personal voicemail recorded for as long as you like because there’s no pressure to have it updated. The freedom is yours.
For professional voicemails, it is best to give your callers an option of pressing a key in case they are in need of immediate assistance To keep your items secure, it’s best not to mention that you are away on vacation as this might tempt some people to see your house as a potential place to commit a robbery.

Hence, you can clearly see the stark differences between professional company voicemail greetings and personal voicemails, and why professional voicemails require more attention to detail when creating them.

Common Mistakes Made When Creating Voicemail Greetings for Work

Man is to error. And here are some of the most frequently made mistakes when it comes to creating professional company voicemail greetings.

Not creating a voicemail in the first place – Though rare, there are some SMEs out there that still fail to get the importance of having voicemail greetings for business in case their services are currently busy at the moment. Can you imagine how a prospect will feel when they come across a person with no voicemail box?

I’m sorry, but the person you have attempted to call does not have a voicemail inbox at the given moment. Please try again later.

This clearly shows to a prospect that your company is not willing nor committed to helping them access their services. In return, they may not see that you’re serious and will eventually lose interest in what your company has to offer.
Creating a lazy voicemail as well – Yep; there are professional voicemails, then there are lazy attempts at trying to create a voicemail. For example, take a look at this:

You have reached 12345667. Leave a message after this tone.

Now, this kind of voicemail clearly shows that your interest in creating a voicemail and potentially reeling in a prospect is minimal. However, you can transform such a lazily written piece into something like this:

Welcome to (business name). We are currently unavailable at the moment. But please leave your name and number and we will promptly get in touch with you.

You can clearly see that the second one demonstrates best business voicemail greetings practices and that your business is dedicated to following up on a prospect.

best business voicemail greetings help5 Tips to Creating Voicemail Greetings for Work

Here are some great tips to creating your own business voicemail greetings samples. In fact, you can get started on how to set a professional voicemail right away!

  • Create your voicemail in a background with no noise or at a high-end studio. Background noise can cause quite the distraction for the caller. Hence it is advisable that you create your voicemail in a no-noise environment to ensure that your professional voicemail can be clearly heard.
  • Ensure to let the caller or prospect know that you will immediately get back to them. The purpose of creating a voicemail is to let your prospects know that you cannot answer the phone at the current moment. If this is the case, then let your prospects know that you will be able to return the call as soon as you are able to. Thus, ensure you follow up on any caller who left his or her name and details after listening to your voicemail.
  • Let your callers know that they can get in touch with you via other means. Some clients might be in need of emergency services and will feel pretty awful if they cannot get in touch with you. Hence, it is advisable that you give them an alternative option to get in touch with you. You can give them other avenues of communication such as your e-mail address, text message, or to send you a text on one of your social media accounts.
  • Brevity is key, so keep it short and straightforward. No one would like to hear a whole story as to why you are unable to come to the phone at the given moment. Hence, make sure you keep your voicemail short and simple and relay the necessary information as needed.
  • Be polite and use etiquette whenever you create a new voicemail. Being polite goes a long way. Therefore, make it a habit to always be as polite as possible in each and every one of your voicemails. You can do this by using polite words such as ‘Please’, ‘We appreciate your call’ among many other kind words to use.

With the aforementioned tips, you can rest assured that none of your clients or prospects will be disappointed whenever they are not able to get you on the phone.

Types of Voicemail Greetings for Work

It’s important to have multiple professional voicemail greeting samples for specific occasions; as well as to communicate the current affairs of your business. Hence, here are some of different types of out of office voicemail message.

  • Personal business voicemail greeting – This type of voicemail can be shared among business associates whenever one of them cannot get in touch with each other. For example, you may have a repeat client whom you have known for the past 3 years. It can be slightly witty but have a professional tone to it as well.
  • Companywide voicemail greeting – This type of voicemail can be used for a given company to let clients or prospects know that they are unable to get to the phone at the given moment.
  • Department wide voicemail greeting – This voicemail can be for a given department, letting other departments within the company or organization know that they are currently unable to come to the phone at the given moment.
  • Vacation day voicemail greeting – This voicemail is effective when you have gone on vacation, and need to let your clients and prospects know that you are unable to come to the phone because you are out of the office as we speak.
  • Emergency situation voicemail greeting – Perhaps there was a fire that broke out at the office and it needs to be renovated? If that’s the case, then it’s great to have such a voicemail to let your clients and prospects know of the current situation and why you are unable to attend to their requests at the given moment.
  • On the phone (busy) voicemail greeting – You might be currently on phone with a prospect, then another one calls in. Instead of hastening the conversation with the first prospect, you can automatically send the second caller to voicemail with instructions that they leave their name and number so that you can get in touch with them much later.

With that being said, feel free to access our sample of voicemail greetings for businesses. We provide quality professional voicemail recording service in areas such as your voicemail scripting, audio production, as well as voiceover in the event that you would like a specific native voice for to be heard. You can also check out our business phone voicemail greetings examples.

So get in touch with us today and we will proceed to create professional voicemail greetings for work on your behalf!

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