Business Answering Machine Messages: Update Your Old Message

Answering machine message are nothing new. It is an old concept used by people for convenience, especially when there were no cell phones. People had answering machines to record the messages of the caller. Now-a-days, the similar concept of recording messages has become quite popular in the offices and companies. It attends to the caller and informs as well as collects the information required. But, a message needs to be updated from time to time. An old message can be quite boring for callers who often all up for business purposes. It shows a stagnant condition of the company. Updating the business answering machine with professional cell phone voicemail greeting which is different, unique and very proper will help you make a better impression on the caller.

Recording a Business Voicemail

Here are some tips on how you can record a voicemail greeting:

  • Once you have decided the message you would like to have, write it out. Keep it brief, formal and informative.
  • You need to keep your voice calm and speak in a professional way.
  • You can ask a colleague or a friend to edit the script as he/she will notice the error you might have missed.
  • Rehearsing is very necessary. Select a quite place when you can practice reading out the message without any other interruption.
  • Keep the mood happy while recording. If you are exhausted or stressed out then it will be evident in the recording.
  • Read the script out loud. If you feel that the script needs some editing, then edit the message immediately.
  • Practice the new business message in a recording device in your laptop or cell phone. After recording it listen to it and check if it needs further editing.
  • Try to see that the pitching of your voice is appropriate. It should be too high or too low. Speak in an average pace so that the message is understood by anyone who might call up.
  • If you can have a sound proof room for recording then the sound clarity will be very good.
  • Do the final recording with a fresh mind and a happy mood so that the voice sounds happy. A happy voice is nice to listen to than a dull depressed voice.

Using Professional Voicemail Messages

When you mention using a professional voicemail message, most people automatically think of business. However professional voicemail messages aren’t just for business use. A profession message is referring to the fact that it was done professionally to ensure that the voicemail message is clear and easy to understand. It can be frustrating when you reach a voicemail but due to background noise, poor recording equipment or some other reason, you can fully understand the message. It is especially important in business but for many people, it is equally important on their personal voicemail as well.

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Good voicemail messages should:

  1. Follow basic voicemail etiquette. They should contain a brief greeting, who you are, a brief statement that you can’t take the call, an invitation to leave a message, and if possible a time-frame within which their call will be returned.
  2. Be brief. Usually, 20 to 30 seconds is long enough. A message may not seem that long when you record it. However a couple of minutes can seem pretty long to a busy caller waiting to leave a message.
  3. Be clear and easy to understand for anybody who may call. When you record your message you might be so used to noise around you such as traffic or other background noise that you don’t consciously notice. For a caller it makes hearing your message difficult.

The above are the basics for any voicemail message. Your particular situation may require additional information such as an alternative number where you may be reached or the name and number of somebody else who can help the caller.

Examples of Professional Voicemail Messages

The following are a few examples of professional voicemail messages:\

“Hello, you have reached the office of (name) . I’m presently on another call and am unable to speak with you personally. If you will leave your name and telephone number, I will return your call. Thank you.”

“This is (name) of (company). I’m currently away from my desk and unable to take your call. If you need to reach me immediately, please call (number). Otherwise, please leave me a message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.”

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