Do You Need Voiced Messages on Hold with Music?

No one likes being put on hold, however, it is a fact of life that you will need to wait while the person that you are talking to seeks out the person you are looking for, or for an answer to your query. However, many callers simply hate being put on hold and statistics show that 34% of those that simply hang up will never call back. According to a survey by AT&T however, those that listen to music on hold with messages will think that a 30-second wait will have been only 15 seconds, while those listening in silence find that a 30-second wait feels like a whole 90 seconds.

So it is very important that you use on hold messages that are going to be effective in keeping your callers on the line while they wait. After all, the last thing any business wants is to upset their customers in any way. Our specialized services have been supplying on hold messages for business for several years and we are able to provide you with all of the support and help that you may be looking for. From a voicemail message sample to music and tailored messages our services can support your business perfectly.

Why Have Music on Hold with Messages?

Sitting there in silence, many callers will not only be frustrated with the wait they will also wonder if you have hung up on them. Some 70% of business calls result in a caller being put on hold. So you will want to ensure that you do your best to ensure that you do not lose that caller. The following reasons are a clear motivation for ensuring that you use on hold messages music or other techniques to keep the caller engaged:

  • If your on hold period is silent some 60% of callers will simply hang up after just 45 seconds. 34% of those simply will never call you again. Using music on hold with messages will reduce the number of callers hanging up.
  • 88% of callers prefer to listen to custom music on hold messages rather than silence. It also makes the time kept on hold seem shorter.
  • Messaging gives you the opportunity to provide the customer with often sought information such as opening times for the business.
  • Giving special offers or cross-selling within your messages can provide up to 20% increase in uptake of your offers.
  • On hold messages create a significant improvement in customer brand awareness.

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How to Request a Caller Goes on Hold

Saying “please hold” and simply making the line go silent is guaranteed to get the blood boiling for anyone. There is an etiquette that should be followed if you are to put someone on hold for any reason. The following advice should be followed whether you are putting someone on hold:

  • Provide an apology upfront: simply saying that you are “sorry but I will have to put you on hold because…” goes a long way towards keeping the caller happy with your service.
  • Let them know how long they will have to wait: by telling them roughly how long they may have to wait you will reduce the number that will hang up prematurely.
  • Ask them for their permission: don’t just simply put them on hold. Give them the choice.
  • Try to avoid the word “hold”, try to use an alternative that will not give quite the same negative reaction that it has such as “bare with me while I…”
  • Check back with the customer: if you have to leave them on hold just go back to them to give them an update and show that they have not been forgotten.
  • Give them an alternative if they would be on hold for a long time: can you call them back or send them an email when their issue has been resolved.
  • Thank them: simply saying thank you will improve their perception of your customer service.

How to Make Your on Hold Messages Work for You

Just using phone hold music is missing an opportunity for your business. While music can be soothing and will keep the caller happier you have an opportunity to inform and impress the caller and make their experience that much more enjoyable; as well as maybe profitable for you. Getting messages across about what the company has to offer, especially when it comes to special offers and the likes gives you an opportunity to boost your sales.

music on hold with messages advice for recording

The following advice can help you with recording your messages for on hold customers:

  • Know how long you have to play with: how long are your callers on hold for on average? If it is only a few seconds then your messages will need to be quick and to the point. If it will be several minutes then you may want to break up messages with music so as not to overwhelm them.
  • Make messages concise and to the point: what you hear needs to be delivered in a very different way to how you might write something for your website. It needs to be concise and punchy.
  • Keep things up to date: your messages need to be relevant and promoting what the company needs promoting now – not six months ago.
  • Deliver a clear call to action: tell the caller what you really want them to do.
  • Keep their attention: use male and female voices together or provide the listener with fun or interesting facts to add to what you want to inform them about.

An Example of Good on Hold Message for You

“Hi. You have reached (name) of (business name). Thank you for calling me. I’m afraid I won’t be able to take your call right now. Please, feel free to leave a message, giving your name and contact details after the tone and I’ll be sure to get back to you when I return on (date, time).Thanks very much for your call and have a great day!”

We Can Help with Your on Hold Recordings

From recording out of office voicemail greeting with a date of return through to providing professional music on hold recording for your business our services can help you. Listen to our voicemail message sample or automatic reply to get an idea of the quality of service that we can help you with. From unique music to messages that are perfectly relevant to your business our professional services will ensure that you keep your callers engaged fully and on the line. Through our services, you will ensure that you don’t lose your callers too quick as well as delivering them a message that will actually help promote your business.

Contact our specialists here today for music on hold with messages tailored to your business at a price that you will not better elsewhere!

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