Custom Voicemail Greeting: Recorded by Professional Voice Over Artists

Our service offers various kinds of voicemail greetings. If you need any kind of voicemail that is well recorded with clarity of voice then you can use our voicemails. The voicemails are unique and original written by our professional experts. They are also recorded by our professional artists. We have appointed the artists based on their voice quality and skill. They have undergone training to perfect the voicemail recording skill and have become experts after years of experience. We also have native speakers so that the language and the accent are not compromised with when recording a voicemail greeting. We have various pre recorded sample voicemails which you may listen to and know about our voicemail greeting examples quality.

Instructions to Avail Customized Greeting

If you wish to have a custom greeting recorded by our professionals then here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First of all, you need to place your order by filling out the requirements of your voicemail message, whether it’s a formal business greeting or personal greeting, do you want a female voice recording or male voice recording etc.
  • Once done you need to make your payment for the order through a secure online transaction.
  • After receiving the requirements details for a custom made voicemail greeting we will assign the professional writer to craft an accurate message.
  • The final edited message when reviewed and approved by you will move on to the voice over artist specializing in that type of voicemail greeting and in the language and accent of your demand.
  • Editors and technical professionals will edit the voicemail greeting if there are any mistakes such as background noise, pronunciation errors, sound clarity issues etc.
  • The voicemail will be sent to you for review, you can ask for further amendments.
  • When the voicemail greeting is amended and perfected, the final voicemail greeting will be mailed to your inbox.

Custom Voice Mail Greeting: At Cheat Rate

We charge a very reasonable amount for our “customized service of recording voicemails by professionals”. We offer free editing which of course is charge by other services. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the voicemail even after amendments then we will listen to your requirements again and offer you a new voice over artist who will record you a fresh voice mail greeting discarding the old one. To avail an accurate voicemail greeting we would request you to fill up the order form with a specific detailed idea about what kind of voicemail you want and how you expect it to be recorded. The precise your requirement list is the accurate the voicemail greeting will be. We also guarantee 100% cash refund.

To avail a free quote for your custom voicemail greeting, call us!