The Importance of Good Main Voicemail Greetings

Whether face to face or over the phone as the RetailWise USA informs us: “A warm, genuine, and sincere greeting can cause even a stranger to open up, break down defensive walls, and be comfortable.” First impressions really count so you want to ensure that your main phone greeting will make the correct one to the caller. Something that many businesses struggle to understand.

Retaining customers is as important as finding new ones. So investing in getting your main voicemail message and other parts of your phone system perfect is well worth the time and effort. Our services have been supporting businesses for more than 5 years through our professional staff. We have all of the experience and expertise required to help you to ensure that your general phone greeting and music on hold with messages are finished perfectly.

What to Consider When Writing Your Main Phone Greeting?

Your main phone greeting will often be the first thing that any caller will hear. Whether they are ringing to complain or to enquire about a special offer you need to ensure that your messages are appropriate and effective. This can require a significant amount of thought and care if you want your messages to be truly effective.

A modern business phone system allows you to record many different messages that can be used throughout your business. However, you should ensure that those messages are all created with the customer being put first. Often this will mean professionally creating your messages rather than allowing individual employees to customize theirs according to a whim.

writing your main phone greeting tips to know

The following advice needs to be followed when scripting and recording your general phone greeting message:

  • Be pleasant: as people, we tend to mirror the emotions of those that we speak with. So a gruff and irritated sounding message is likely to elicit a similar response from the caller. Always ensure that your messages are recorded with pleasant tones to get the right response from the caller. Often ensuring that the person making the recording is smiling and full of energy will help you get the tone that you are looking for.
  • Give your name and department: by providing the caller with your name and department you will ensure that they know that they are in the right place. Your name also establishes your authority rather than just being a nameless employee within the department.
  • Be sincere: telling people “it is a wonderful day” when often it may not be is not going to get the caller in the best of moods. Especially if they are already in a less than happy mood when they call you. Don’t use scripts that are clearly insincere as they are likely to lead to the wrong sort of messages being left by your callers.
  • Get to the point: the caller will already be less than happy that they have to leave a message rather than speaking to someone directly. So it is best to ensure that your messages are brief and get straight to the point.
  • Conclude your message by stating your desire to help the caller: make sure that they are left with no doubt that you will act on their message and get back to them.

While some callers will find voicemail annoying it is still more effective than putting them on hold. As Teleco say:

“There’s nothing as annoying as being put on hold. The inconvenience, as well as the cost implication, is unacceptable from many clients’ standpoint. Voicemail messages ensure clients aren’t put on hold. If there’s no one to answer calls at any given time for whatever reason, voicemail messages can be left instantly.”

Some Examples of Good Main Phone Greetings

These voicemail greeting examples for cell phone or office-based systems will give you an idea of how simple your messages should be:

  • “Hi, this is Bob’s Hardware, we are busy serving customers in the store right now but will get right back to you if you just leave your name, number and reason for your call.”
  • “This is Daisy’s boutique if you would like to leave your name and number one of our staff will call you back within the next 10 minutes.”
  • “Hi, there is no one in the maintenance department right now as we are all out ensuring your machines run smoothly. Please leave your message and we will get back to you within the day.”

main phone greeting professional tips

What Not to Do in a General Voicemail Greeting

Of course, knowing what not to do in your voicemail can be just as important as knowing what you should do. The following tips for avoiding issues with your general voice mailbox greeting should be considered:

  • Don’t just leave an uninformative and gruff “you know what to do!” type message.
  • Never simply play music and then go to voicemail.
  • Never record an overly long message, people will just want to leave a message and have you call them back.
  • Don’t tell them to email you instead of leaving a message.
  • Don’t try to be funny.
  • Don’t use out of date messages such as wishing the caller happy new year in October.

Poor General Voicemail Greeting Examples

  • “You know what to do.” This fails to tell the caller who they are leaving a message for and even if you are likely to call them back.
  • “If I’m not at my desk just send me an email.” Not only does this not tell the person who they have contacted it also fails to install any feeling that you are interested in their query or that you will even reply them.
  • “Hi this is Bob, I am not at my desk at the moment due to the amount of work that is being done by our company. I could be back at the end of the day or maybe tomorrow but I assure that your call really is important to us. We value all of our customers and put your needs …” Long rambling messages are more likely to result in the caller hanging up than holding on to leave their message.

We Can Help with Your General Phone Greeting Message

Whether you are the office manager wanting to provide a more professional approach to company messages or the owner of a business that wants to boost sales our experts can help you. We fully understand how to make your phone system work for you with regards to voicemail and on hold type messages. Through us, you can get access to true experts in this field that will be able to ensure that your callers see your customer service as second to none.

Ensure that your main phone greeting is effective and promotes your business perfectly by contacting our voicemail specialists here today for the support you can trust.

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