professional voicemail greetingQ: How much do your voicemail greetings cost?

Ans: The price of the voicemail greeting ranges from $17.99 to $61.18. The final price depends on the following factors:

  • Duration of the recording: from 60 words/30 sec to 7200 words/ 60 minutes
  • Urgency: from 24 hours to 7 days+
  • Background music (if needed)
  • Script writing/editing (if needed)

professional voicemail greetingQ: Do you provide English voice messages with the Australian/Canadian/British/U.S. accent?

Ans: Yes, we do have professional voice actors who specialize in different accents of the English language. Your recordings will have a tint of either Australian or British or even Irish pronunciation if that is what you want. If you do not find samples or information of any specific language or accent in which you want your voicemail recording to be done, please contact us. We will do everything possible to meet your requirements.

professional voicemail greetingQ: What if we are not totally satisfied with the final version of the voice over?

Ans: In case you aren’t completely impressed by the voice mail you receive, we will ask you about your personal requirements, what you feel the voice mail recording lacks. Based on your information provided we will offer to either revise the recoding and make necessary amendments or we will be glad to offer you a fresh voice over recording with another tone, style or tempo. The more accurate the information you provide us with, the more it helps us to satisfy your needs.

professional voicemail greetingQ: How to do voice overs?

Ans: If you wish to learn how to do a voice over on your own, then you may follow the training sessions that we conduct around the year at various intervals. We also provide coaching to all interested candidates willing to learn about how to do good voice over and get trained to transform your skill into a profession which of course is quite popular. You can also avail a consultation session over the phone and learn about recording a voice over and obtaining your professional voicemail greeting.

professional voicemail greetingQ: How am I supposed to pay for the order?

Ans: You can pay online. The transaction is 100% secure. We accept PayPay, MasterCard, VISA etc.

professional voicemail greeting

Q: How to do voice over at home, what is the basic necessity?

Ans: To do a “voice over at home” you need to have a sound proof room. You should have the required technical things to assist you in your recording. Other than these you will need a very good voice that is suitable for recording a voice over. If you read out the guidelines mentioned in the page or get a basic training it will help you record a good quality voice over as training sessions will teach you about the minute details such as pitching the voice correctly, the pace at which the message or script is to be read etc.

professional voicemail greeting

How to leave a professional voicemail greeting?

There two ways to impress your callers with a truly decent voice mail greeting:

  1. Try to make a serious recording yourself or ask one of your friends to do the voiceover.
  2. Ask us to provide you with the service you deserve. No hassle, just competence and cold professionalism.

professional voicemail greeting

How to hear my voicemail greeting?

To hear your own voicemail greeting without calling yourself from another phone you need to check it up in your voice mail answering machine. If it does not have such function and you ordered your voicemail greeting from us – just ask us to send you the final recording once you need it.

If you have any other query, do call/email us!

Voicemail greeting Service
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