What Are the Elements of a Good Voicemail Sample?

voicemail message sampleJust about everybody uses professional voice mail these days. Whether it is for business purposes or your personal use, if you aren’t available to answer the call then your voicemail will handle it for you. But is your voicemail doing what you want it to do? Quite often people have a voicemail greeting that discourages or annoys the caller rather than encouraging them to leave a message. If only friends or family ever call you then this isn’t a problem. However for a business it is critical that your voicemail performs its function correctly.

  • A simple hello or other brief greeting
  • Your name. Don’t leave people wondering if they called the right number.
  • Company/department if appropriate. Again, people want to know if they have the number they intended to dial
  • Brief statement that you can’t take the call
  • Invitation to leave a message
  • When a return call can be expected. Nobody likes to be left hanging. When possible give a time frame within which you will call back.
  • A voicemail message should be brief without being abrupt. It should convey the necessary information in 20 to 30 seconds at the most.
  • Be clear and easily understood with no background noise

Think about who will be hearing your voicemail message sample before you actually use it. There are many free professional voicemail greetings on the internet. Consider if they are appropriate for your particular use.

Using a Voicemail Message Sample

A voicemail message isn’t always “one size fits all”. In business there are different situations that you may have to address. Obviously the caller reached your voicemail so you can’t take their call. However it may be that you are currently on another call and can call them back within minutes. You might be on vacation and be unavailable for a week or more. Use the appropriate message for the situation so that the caller doesn’t have to guess. The following are some voicemail messages examples:

  • “This is (name) of (company). I’m currently on my line and unable to take your call. Please leave your name, phone number, and your message, and I will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you”

  • “Hello, this is (name). I’m unable to answer your call. I am out of the office from (day) to (day) and will not be checking my voice mail. If you require assistance in my absence please contact (name2) at extension (ext. #). Thank you”

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