Make everyone burst into laughter or at least amuse others by funny voicemail greetings: If you are an innovative person, post your ideas over internet today only This will not only boost your creativity but will also make many exhilarate. This is the best way when an individual can deliver his expressions tickling other.  Even if you mean something seriously, you can convey your message in the easiest mode. When you are annoyed because people leave their message in a fast tone; use this message:

 “Hi everybody! My answering machine is broken into pieces. This is my refrigerator. Please talk slow so that it sticks to your message properly”.

This is the funniest, cleverest and coolest message employed by many people.

The Best Voicemail Greeting Guide

What talent should you posses for being eligible for Funny Voice mail Greetings: You should know the fundamentals of voicemail greetings such as greeting the caller, your own introduction, message and closing of the call.

  1. You should have a trained voice. Until and unless you have practiced it bountiful of times, you will fail to accomplish the purpose. If you are a skilled personality and are bequeathed with a beautiful and professional one, try tuning it with instruments. Rehearse many times and then record your corporate voice over the phone. Perform breathing exercises and look for clarity.
  2. Your voice should be such that it gives an impression that some intellectual personality is speaking over phone. You should sound interesting and create a custom voicemail greeting.
  3. Voice Overs for business purposes are highly in demand in mass media, web, corporate businesses, marketing and while endorsement of innumerable activities. These people are artists who narrate the written script impeccably.
  4.  The artists should have working experience of varied fields in business world and should have gone through training materials, promo clips and online presentations on various topics. They should be well versed in their jobs and should be perfect in compiling telephone information scripts as well. Being prompt in their jobs they should be experienced enough to present the script in the customer desired format.
  5. The artist should be able to clearly express himself loudly.

Creativity speaks high with funny and interesting notes: Bring loads of chortles to all your callers whether that person is a sales representative or any third party. This way you will neither annoy yourself but will also bring pleasant smile on the other person’s face. Also, check out our business voicemail greeting examples, for some professional greetings, appropriate for the business environment.

This message is good for sales representative.

“Hi, I am unavailable at the moment. If you want to sell something, please talk to me now and put your receiver down at the beep, rest all can speak after the beep and can put their phone down when they have finished”.

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