Professional Answering Machine Messages for Attending to Callers

A call is probably the first contact a company makes with you on business purpose. It is also through the phone that your near and dear ones keep in touch with you when you are at office or out of town. So, whether it’s a call from a prospective client or from your family, a professional cell phone voicemail greeting examples can be of great use to you.

A message uploaded in your phone to answer calls and attend to them is what our professional voicemail greeting services can help with. We have different types of message or voicemail which can be of your use. You can avail our answering machine messages at a very reasonable rate. You can also choose your suitable message from the various pre recorded sample messages that we have.

Tips for Recording Voicemails

If you wish to record an answering machine message on your own or want to know what are the measures we take before recording a message then here are some pointers to give you a brief overview:

  • A greeting should be short and precise. A person calling intends to speak to the concerned person rather than listen to your long pre recorded message. Moreover, nobody has the time or patience to have a one way conversation. So complicated or long messages should be avoided.
  • A message should be written and edited before recording as it is easier to read from a paper than memorize a message for recording.
  • A greeting should give the caller your status in brief as to why you are unable to receive the call such as- out of office, busy in a meeting etc.
  • In case you are out of town or out for a vacation with family or friends you can inform your callers with a message as- ‘I am out on a vacation and will call you back once I return.’
  • After giving your status, the message should guide the caller about when or how the caller can reach you or expect a call from you such as- ‘please leave your name and number with a brief message and I will call you back.’
  • If there is a call attending personal operator or your colleagues can attend your official calls, you can re-direct the caller to speak to the operator/colleague in charge.
  • For urgent callers you can instruct them what they should do in a step by step process.

Professional Answering Machine Message for You

Make sure the recording of the answering machine message is in a happy and cheerful mood otherwise the message recorded will sound very dull and flat. Or else you can hire our professional voicemail greetings service for the “best personalized recorded message” or select one from the samples.

To avail a message with the best sound quality, hire us!