Think for some intuitive quotes and prepare good voice message greetings: These voice messages are not difficult to create if you have innovative mindset. Furthermore, you can change them from time to time. Based on your requirements you can sometime set a funny tone and sometime a professional one. Furthermore, a professional voice message greeting is in high airs these days for corporate usage.

What Are the Features of Best Voice Message Greeting?

A voice message greeting is the one which makes your presence evitable even while we are absent.

  • The recorded tone should be soothing enough for the audience.
  • It should neither sound too melodious nor too harsh but should have a personal touch if is employed for personal reasons and should have professional touch if is used for business purposes.
  • Phonetics should be clear and should be easily comprehensible for professional voicemail greetings.
  • The same message should be made available in different languages if the customer demands.
  • It should have decent background music at the background whether employed for corporate or personal reasons.
  • While keeping the customer on hold, you can either provide some information regarding your product or your company or simply play background music with some intermittent messages informing the customer that they would be connected soon to the relevant extension.
  • Employ a phone system mailbox that can be easily connected with Voice messages.
  • It is important to note that sometimes silly voicemail leaves a long lasting impact on your mind and you remember it for longer durations.
  • Apart from this make sure that your voice message greeting is short enough and the customer does not feel boredom while listening to the message, otherwise phone hang up is often seen. In short, be to the point and do not sound monotonous.

What personal skills you should be bequeathed with while preparing soothing voice message greetings? Your energy level should be high and you should sound vivacious and cheerful.  Be clear and precise and if possible, amuse the caller. Sound confident and thereby deliver highest quality voicemail greetings to your treasured customer or caller.

Use this one, it’s nice-

Hi, this is Joe,

If you are some phone company, I sent you the money.

If you are my dear parents, please…. send me some money.

Are you some financial institution, you did not borrow me any money.

Oh! You are my friend, you owe me loads of money.

Oh my dear girlfriend, don’t worry, I have loads of money.

In short, there are plenty of funny and professional voice message greetings available on web and you can make any of them as your corporate voicemail greeting. If you want to create any funny message on your own; it’s indeed a great practice, however, if you feel that your brain is not that intuitive and can’t think for any innovative ideas, contact our representative on and leave a message over there. Our agent will contact you as soon as they get to know about your requirement.

You can also leave your message over our phone or chat with our customer representative online 24×7.