Having a professional voicemail greeting for your business is what you need to assist your customers better. These messages can be tailored based on your needs and based on every situation that calls for one (e.g. you are out of town…). Below are some facts and statistics about professional voicemail greetings that you may be interested to know.


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Facts about Professional Voicemail Greetings

  • 90% incoming calls are less significant than the office work or work that they are interrupting
  • 76% communication for business isn’t time sensitive
  • 75% business calls aren’t completed on the first attempt
  • 60% written messages has incomplete information

Interesting Facts about Voicemail Messages to Think About

  1. Do not start the voice message greetings with “Your call is very important to us…”
  2. You should inform the customer whose voicemail is that they have contacted or reached.
  3. Encourage the caller to leave a message to you.
  4. You should say sorry or you have to apologize in the professional voice greetings if you cannot take the call right now.

Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings

Include your name and your company name to let your users know that they’ve got into the right contact that they are trying to reach. Make sure that the callers can have the option of skipping the voicemail if they already heard it before. For example, they can just press the asterisk (*) in order to skip the greeting and proceed directly to your voicemail.

For example, the message can say, “Press (*) to skip the message and then leave a message after the tone.”

Another example: If you are unavailable or if you are on a vacation for a period of time, you can also include a colleague’s number that can assist your customer.

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