Voicemail Greetings: a Powerful Tool for Business Promotion

If we do a short analysis of different types of voicemail messages around us, we realize that most of the companies simply use default antiquated voicemail greetings with instructions of leaving a reply note. Today, competition has become much more and ignoring any aspect of business means, you are going to lose a valuable customer.

find professional voicemail greetings Now the companies that realize the importance of voicemail greetings, use it for the promotion of the business. Following are some highlights about the importance of voicemail greetings:

  • Obviously, it is not possible to attend all the calls and voicemail is the best option to categorize the important and less important callers. So, it is not questionable that voicemail is an important need for every office. The question is the type of voicemail greeting. Remember! Voicemail greetings must be tailor-made and it should reflect the brief but clear introduction of your company.
  • The sequence of customized voicemail greetings should start by greeting the caller like “Thank You for your calling”. After that, there should be brief company introduction that must highlight the special product or services of the company. Don’t include the long list of products or services because no one has time to listen to all this. All information should be in highly professional manner.
  • The third and most important feature of custom-made voicemail greetings is asking the caller information. In general, or default voicemail messages, normally it is asked that “leave a message”. In this situation, most of the caller does not leave proper information and you remain confused that it was important caller or no? Always clearly ask the name, title, contact number and reason for the call.

In this way, you can use the voicemail greetings not only for publicity of your business but for segregating the important and less important callers.

Facts and Statistics about Professional Voicemail Greetings You Should Know About

Having a professional voicemail greeting for your business is what you need to assist your customers better. These messages can be tailored based on your needs and based on every situation that calls for one (e.g. you are out of town…). Below are some facts and statistics about professional voicemail greetings that you may be interested to know:


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Facts about Professional Voicemail Greetings

  • 90% incoming calls are less significant than the office work or work that they are interrupting;
  • 76% communication for business isn’t time sensitive;
  • 75% business calls aren’t completed on the first attempt;
  • 60% written messages have incomplete information.

Interesting Facts about Voicemail Messages to Think About

  • Do not start the voice message greetings with “Your call is very important to us…”
  • You should inform the customer whose voicemail is that they have contacted or reached.
  • Encourage the caller to leave a message to you.
  • You should say sorry or you have to apologize for the professional voice greetings if you cannot take the call right now.

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Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings

Include your name and your company name to let your users know that they’ve got the right contact that they are trying to reach. Make sure that the callers can have the option of skipping the voicemail if they already heard it before. For example, they can just press the asterisk (*) in order to skip the greeting and proceed directly to your voicemail.

For example, the message can say: “Press (*) to skip the message and then leave a message after the tone.”

Another example: If you are unavailable or if you are on a vacation for a period of time, you can also include a colleague’s number that can assist your customer.

Customize Your Voice Mail: Enjoy the Benefits

Unlike voicemail messages, the strategy to fascinate and grasp the callers during on hold messages is entirely different. However, the companies that realize the real benefits for messages on hold and hire the services of some professional body to make their messages on hold just attractive and appealing, enjoy the benefits for messages on hold in very good manner. Following are some benefits for messages on hold:

  • Messages on Hold” provide you maximum space to advertise your business and to highlight your promotions and attractions thanks to long stay of callers during the wait to talk to a relative person.
  • This is the cheapest way of promoting the products and services of any company.
  • A caller usually asks for some particular person or product, but via messages on hold, you can easily introduce other specialties or some new products as well.

On Hold Messages: For Holidays Treat Them Differently

Always treat the holiday On Hold messages separately than messages on hold during normal days. During holidays, you should not give long introductions. Just after brief lines of promotion, announce the holiday. It will maintain the worth of company and caller will not feel that you are wasting his time. In short, you can customize the holiday on hold messages just like voicemail greetings.

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