Pre Recorded Professional Cell Phone Voicemail Greeting Examples

You may use your cell phone for personal as well as business calls. But since it’s not easy to attend to all the calls we bring to you voicemail greetings recorded by professional voice over artists. They are the top quality pre recorded messages that can solve your trouble of attending to your callers when you are busy with some other work, there is a network issue or you are sleeping. It is a best  solution for personal calls as well as business calls as the recorded message informs the call about you and as well as instructs them how to leave a message or when to call back to reach you.

Voicemail Samples

Here are some professional voice mail greetings sample for cell phones which you can avail from our service:

  • “Hello, this is (name). I’m really sorry that I can’t receive your call at the moment. Please leave your, name and message after a beep sound and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you and have a great day.”
  • “Hi, (name) here. I’m on another call right now and am unable to speak with you. Do leave your name and number along with your message as I will call you back. Thank you.”
  • “Hello. You are listening to the voicemail of (your name). Please leave a short message with your name and phone number to help me get back to your at the earliest. Thanks.”

With the professional voicemail greetings for cell phones you won’t have to keep guessing about who had called you and for what purpose. Our recorded voicemail greetings can be easily uploaded in any brand of cell phone. Moreover, you will no longer miss out on any important message from family, friends, colleagues or prospective clients. You also have the option of selecting a male or female voice for the recorded messages. We also have recorded messages in kid’s voice that can give your callers the message in a very cute voice.

Professional Voicemail Greeting Examples for Cell Phone

You can avail pre recorded messages by checking out the huge archive of pre recorded voicemail greeting samples that we have. For assistance, we can select you some suitable voicemail greeting based on your requirement information provided in the order form. Your required language, accent, message type everything will be looked at and then the samples will be sorted for you. We keep the message simple and clear so that the listener can easily follow the message. We chare a very nominal amount for the “best quality voicemail greetings” offered. Try our voicemails to know for yourself.

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