business voice mail serviceThe voicemail greetings are of various types. There are business greeting, personal greetings, telecommunication greeting etc. Each of the greetings is different in their own way and hence the message has to be differently written. The recording has to suit the intention of the message. It should do justice to the tone in which the message is to be recorded so that it completely suits to the greeting.

Voice Over Corporate Greeting and Its Significance

There are so many factors that have to be considered while creating a voicemail greeting whether related to business or personal.For breaking into good voice message greetings you need to have an interesting and professional voice. People trying for voice overs should be knowledgeable and should be with an innovative mindset. You should be able to breathe life and color into the character. Be vivacious while playing your role and portray accordingly. A very creative script and addition of pleasant voices over corporate greeting will help produce an ideal voicemail.

Your office voicemail greeting is likely to be your impression to the people. Therefore, it’s important to make it a good one so that you can leave a good impression of your business and yourself. There are many minute details to be followed while recording voicemail greetings. We, as a professional voicemail greeting service, are proud to give you some ideas on two types of voicemail greeting and their differences.

Difference Between: Personal Greeting and Business Greeting

The tone of a personal greeting will vary from the tone of a formal office voicemail greeting. Here are some pointers to mark the difference between personal and business voice mail greeting:

  • A personal greeting would include your name and family’s name but you can skip mentioning your contact number. For a business voicemail you need to include the company’s name first and then your name (optional). You also have to give a number or extension code for the caller to reach the right department.
  • The tone of a personal greeting is more friendly and casual whereas the tone of a business greeting is formal.
  • For a persona voice mail you may freely represent yourself, on the other hand, you need not represent yourself in a business voicemail. A business greeting should always represent the company.
  • The personal greeting is generic so you need not give out the details of your whereabouts for instance if you are out on a trip with friends for a week or more (unless you want to put up the information). For a business greeting you need to use the greeting to attend to the caller very instructively so that in case you are absent and are unable to take the call, the caller is diverted to a colleague.
  • A personal greeting is short, simple and straightforward. A business greeting, on the other hand, is more information, brief yet a little longer than a personal message as the caller has to be attended to by the giving out some instruction about what the caller needs to do or when the company will call back etc.

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Steps to Be Followed While Preparing Corporate Voice Overs

1. Greet your customer and offer a short introduction of your company.

2. Do not use words repeatedly like ‘please’ or ‘press’. For example, never use such scripts – Please press 1 for staying on hold. Please press 2 to get connected with our sales representative. Please press 3 to …

3. If you want to place your caller on hold make sure to inform them about the same. If the hold period is short, you can play a melodious yet professional background music at the back, however, if the hold period is long then make proper utilization of this opportunity and provide your customer relevant information about your company and its products.

4. Based on your company’s image you can choose your tone accordingly-professional, friendly, formal or casual. Nonetheless, it is better practice to employ calm, soothing and service oriented tone. For further information, read the following tips on how to record creative voicemail greetings.

5. The pace of your voice over script should be appropriate; neither too fast nor too slow and should not sound monotonous. Be clear and crisp while going through the script otherwise customer will lose interest and will hang up the phone.

6. Equip relevant details of your company with options while putting them on hold or transferring them to appropriate extensions.

Corporate voice overs and the type of music to be used: Piano music is best for corporate voice overs. You can either buy them from the market or get the one over the internet for free. You can use the standalone welcome message or on-hold messages or a combined welcome menu at the beginning of the interaction.

Some messages to be used for corporate voicemail greetings can be:

 “Should we change our outlook towards life? No we should not. But we should see life from a different perspective and life would come to us in a different way”.

“Never regret in your life. Feel, whatever you did at that time was the perfect action that could be taken. Regret is merely an appalling wastage of energy and time and it will solve none of your purpose. It’s simply good for wallowing further.”

Business Voice Mail Service to Give You Top Quality Voicemails

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