professional restaurant voicemail greetingOwning a restaurant, especially one that has a high volume of clients, can be quite demanding. First of all, there’s the whole aspect of maintaining high-quality meals to keep the clients satisfied. Then there’s handling all those massive orders and ensuring that no order is confused with the next. And last but not least, there’s the whole issue of numerous calls you have to deal with! That’s right, restaurants receive hundreds of calls every day from clients requesting for specials as well as booking space. That’s why it’s essential to have a restaurant voicemail greeting to make things way more manageable. Use these small business voicemail greeting examples to create your perfect voicemail.

Importance of a Restaurant Voicemail Greeting

In the world of eateries, one thing that helps restaurants edge out their competition is having a reliable and quick response for customers who call in to have their orders taken, or who are inquiring about the specials. That being said, here are some reasons why it’s paramount that your restaurant has a professional restaurant voicemail.

  • Let’s clients know that there is no space in the restaurant at that given time – There are certain days where you can have an influx of customers to the point that you are unable to receive more customers at a given time. During this said timeframe, it is essential that you have a working system that ensures you get in touch will all your clients in time. One of the ways to do this is by having an effective voicemail that can relay that there is no space at your restaurant at the given moment.
  • Gives them a set-time for them to book a table – Some customers would like to book a table early enough before checking into a restaurant. They prefer to call in and let the restaurant know that they will be coming at a given time. Having a voicemail that lets them know what time they are able to book a space for a dinner or a luncheon helps them plan themselves accordingly. You can also let them know at what time of the day they can call in to be able to book a space for a meeting.
  • Helps customers know what specials are available – For some customers, they love a treat by indulging in the specials that will be offered for that day. That being said, creating a voicemail that automatically lets them know what will be available for that day is a great way of informing them of the specials and treats that are available instead of having to take the call each time in order to inform them.

Tips for Restaurant Voicemail Greeting

Here are some great tips for your restaurant voicemails that can leave your clients duly responded to. We will also showcase some unique restaurant voicemail examples for your review:

  • Ensure that your voicemail is clear – With professional recording voicemail greeting services such as ourselves at your disposal, you can have yourself an audible voicemail that clearly communicates the message that you would like to relay to your customers.
  • Make your communication as detailed as possible – In your restaurant voicemail greeting script, there’s no point in spewing a lot of information in your voicemail. Just keep it short and simple, highlighting all the important details concerning your restaurant and what specials are available for the day. In fact, make sure you create a sample restaurant voicemail greeting keeping this in mind.
  • Have a positive tone while recording – A negative tone can have poor results in regard to your voicemail for restaurant. That being said, it is paramount that you communicate with plenty of positivity in your voicemail. One great way of doing so is by smiling as you record. Yep, we know it sounds weird, but it’s kind of the same thing that you while you’re on a date, right? Smile even when something’s not funny!

restaurant voicemail greeting script helpTypes of Restaurant Voicemail Greetings

So what type of restaurant voicemail template is out there? Let’s have a brief look at these shall we?

  • Communicating specials and promotions – You can have a number of specials communicated in your restaurant voicemail script for interested customers.
  • Relaying hours available for bookings – You can let your clients know the ideal time for them to book tables for eating out or for booking appointments.
  • Letting your clients know when the restaurant will be closed – Maybe you’d love to take a break right? You can do this by communicating the day which you believe you will be closing the restaurant, perhaps on holiday or during renovations.

Great Restaurant Voice Mail Greeting Examples

Here are some great restaurant voicemail greeting examples you can use to definitely impress your clients:

You have reached ______ (your name) at ______ (your business). Thank you for your call. Please leave your name, number, & message…we will immediately attend to your request for a table shortly.

You have reached ______ (your name) at ______ (your business). Thank you for your call. Please leave your name, number, & message…In the meantime, our special for the day is fried chicken and steamed rice with a myriad of delightful culinary sources!

You have reached ______ (your name) at ______ (your business). Thank you for your call. Please leave your name, number, & message…because, we pride ourselves in being the best restaurant in London, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

You have reached ______ (your name) at ______ (your business). Thank you for your call. Please leave your name, number, & message…In the meantime, did you know you can have our valentine special offer for only $59.99? A full course dinner, plus lush flowers presented to your date while serenading band entertains in the background!

These are just about some of the best sample restaurant voicemail greeting messages that we are able to create! If you would like other small business voicemail greeting examples, you can get in touch with us for professional voicemail greetings for work to be produced.

So get in touch with us today and we will have a unique restaurant voicemail greeting delivered to you!

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