Why Is an Out of Office Voicemail Greeting So Important?

Not every business will operate 24/7, nor will every customer want to call within the usual “9 to 5” window of operations. So having your phone system set up to look after those callers who call when no one is left in the office is very important if you are looking to maintain good relations with your customers. Well written after hours messages will help you to better connect with your callers. Our specialized services fully understand how to make the best from your phone system to engage with your customers even when they are calling you outside of normal hours. We know just how hard it is to be able to deliver just what the caller needs to hear and get them to take the right action. Through our professional services, you can access all of the professional help and advice you will need for your after hours voicemail greeting whether it is a whole business message or department specific messages.

As Onsip says:

“Business voicemail greetings are rarely thought of as a prime way to connect with customers. But just because you’re not available doesn’t mean you can’t make a positive impression on your customers when they reach your voicemail box.”

How to Write Effective After Hours Messages

As Bryan Orr says writing for Business Bonfire:

“…phones may slow down after hours, but they never truly stop ringing. If you run the sort of business where customers call looking for answers or crazier still, call with EMERGENCIES, you will need to have a game plan for handling after hours business phone calls.”

There are many different ways that you can approach your after hours messaging depending on the business that you are in. You may want to have professional business voicemail greetings that are recorded at the departmental level or you may want a single out of office message for the business in general. Whichever you decide you need for your business a lot of thought should go into the messages that you deliver.

A well written after hours voicemail script is capable of helping you to win more customers as well as keeping those that you currently have. Of course, how you react to the messages that you receive will also have a major impact. Many businesses fail to answer messages that are left and this will not help you to grow your business.

how to write effective after hours messages

You need to ensure that your messages are clear and to the point, the following advice will help you to script your after hours messages voicemail:

  • Clearly state the company name at the start of the message (and department if at that level) so that the caller knows they have reached the right place. If necessary also give your address especially is there are similar companies in the area.
  • Give your hours of opening: inform them clearly that you are currently closed and what your regular hours of operation are. This allows the caller to decide right at the beginning if they want to stay on the line to leave a message or if they would prefer to call back at a better time.
  • Give the caller options as to what they can do next:
  • Forwarding the call to a personal voicemail box to leave a message.
  • Direct the call to an after hours answering service.
  • Direct connection to an after hours cell phone or emergency number.
  • Giving alternative contact information.
  • Ensure that your message is brief and to the point, most people will not want to sit and listen to a lengthy presentation on what the company offers or other information.
  • Keep your messages up to date: for instance if you have closed for a holiday period ensure that you correct your message afterward.

Out of Office Voicemail Samples

The following sample of voicemail messages after hours are how your messages should be done:

  • “Hi, you have got through to Eddies Lock Services, our normal hours of operation are 8 am until 9 pm. If however, you have an emergency you can call our emergency engineer by pressing 1 at any time. Otherwise feel free to leave a message at the tone and we will get back to you in the morning.”
  • “Welcome to Runway Carpeting, our regular business hours are 9 am until 6 pm. If you would like to leave a message we will ensure that someone calls you back first thing in the morning or at a time of your convenience. Thank you.”
  • “Hi, this is the sales department of Mark’s Cars. Our business hours are 9 am until 8 pm. If you would like to leave a message please do so after the tone and we will call you back in the morning. Alternatively, you can contact us by email through sales at mark scars dot com.”

effective after hours messages creation

The following sample after hours business voicemail scripts are how not to do it:

  • “Please leave a message after the tone.” The caller does not know if they have called the right number or when the business will be open.
  • “Sorry we are currently closed, if you want to leave a message please do so.” Is this business closed permanently or will it reopen tomorrow?
  • “This is Morgan Enterprises, we are currently closed and will reopen at 8am tomorrow morning. Currently we have a number of different offers that you can avail yourself of such as the following specials: 2 for 1 on our range of BBQ briquettes for a limited time, all gas ranges are available at a whopping 10% discount, also…”  The caller needs a concise and to the point message.

We Can Help with Your After Hours Voicemail Messaging

We offer a full range of support for your closed office messaging that is delivered by highly qualified experts that have as many as 20 years or more experience in this area. Our staff are carefully selected to ensure that you will be working with someone that fully understands the needs of your particular industry. We can support you with everything from scripting your messaging to finding voice talent and recording your messages in the correct format for your telephone system.

All of our professional support is delivered rapidly and within an agreed deadline. Our experts offer unique and error free support and will provide you with unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied with your voice messages. All work is covered by our full satisfaction money back guarantee and is always tailored carefully to your own specific needs.

Make your business an even bigger success by engaging effectively with callers that dial after you close with our effective after hours messages!

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