Why Do You Need Department Voicemail Greetings?

Department specific messages help the caller understand that they have reached the place they wanted before the leave their message. This helps improve your chances of their leaving a message for you. If the caller is not sure that their message has been routed correctly may simply hang up without leaving you any message. Our specialist services have been working with all kinds of businesses for several years helping them with all of their department employee voicemails as well as on hold messages and music. We fully understand what it takes to ensure that your department voice mail greeting will get the caller to leave their message. Through our professional support and advice, you can ensure that your work voice mail greetings will be done perfectly.

Over half of the messages into most businesses will end up going to voicemail, yet according to figures reported in DestinationCRM around 80% of those callers will not even leave a message. People simply do not like leaving messages and hate being put on hold even more. This is why the messages that you do use need to be as effective as possible.

How to Create Effective Department Specific Messages

Recording an effective department specific voice mail greeting may take some time and effort on your time. While most systems allow for individuals to record their own greetings it is often best to have them done professionally or provide your staff with clear guidance. This ensures that you keep your messages to a standard that will benefit the company while giving a professional look to the outside world.

how to create effective department specific messages

The following advice will help you to record business phone greetings that will be specific to the departments and individuals that work there. This will ensure that your caller will know clearly that they have reached the right place for their message:

  • State your name and your department: this is very important, especially if the caller has had to go through an automated system of pushing buttons to reach your phone.
  • Apologize for being unable to take their call: you don’t want them to think that all calls automatically go directly to voicemail.
  • Invite them to leave a message along with their name and number so that you can get back to them.
  • If possible give them a timeframe within which you will be able to return their call reliably: if you cannot guarantee how quickly then you should not make any promise that cannot be met.
  • Give the caller a number for immediate assistance: if the call is likely to be very important it is often best to provide an alternative number for immediate assistance.
  • Always keep your greetings short: just 20 to  25 seconds is usually enough in most cases.
  • Avoid providing the caller with excessive amounts of information within your message: they will want to get to the “beep” and leave their message as quickly as possible.
  • Never use clichés such as “your call is very important to us…” as it just makes your message sound insincere. Try to keep your message as unique as possible.

Your message should, therefore, look something along the lines of the following:

Greeting – Name and Department – Apology for not being available – Invite to leave a message – When you will reply to them – What to do in the case of an emergency

Effective Department Voicemail Greeting Examples

Often simply looking at or hearing a good voicemail greeting for business example will help you with fully understanding how your own should be delivered. While many systems provide prerecorded business voicemail greetings yours does need to be tailored to your own company.

department specific messages service for help

The following examples are how your department specific messages should look:

  • “Hello. this is Mark White in the accounts department. Sorry, I am away from my desk at the moment but I will get back to you within the day if you leave your name, number and a short message after the prompt.”
  • “HI. This is Sisters of Mercy Surgery dispensing department, we apologize that there is no one free to take your call. Please leave a message with your name and contact details or for urgent calls dial our emergency number on 555 HELP ME”
  • “Welcome to the Acme Co customer service department. All of our staff are currently on other calls but will reply to you promptly if you leave a message with your name, number and reason for the call.”

Contact Our Expert Services for Help with Your Department Voice Mail Greeting

A professionally prepared voice mail greeting can benefit your business significantly helping you to get effective contact with more customers. We have been supporting businesses of all sizes in many different industries for many years. We use highly skilled and very experienced staff that are able to help you with all aspects of preparing your voicemail and on hold messages. We offer a full range of scripting services as well as being able to provide you with voice talent that will be able to deliver your message clearly and effectively. Our recording services offer noise free clear recordings that will be in the correct format for the telephone system that you are using.

All of our help is unique and error free and provided to you with a full satisfaction money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with any recordings or another service we will undertake to correct the issues or we will provide you with a full refund of your purchase. Our services are all delivered in a timely manner and we will always deliver your voice mails within an agreed deadline.

Make your dealings with your customers more effectively by getting our highly affordable and reliable help with your department-specific messages for your business voicemail system!

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