We Offer Pre Recorded Voicemail Greetings

We are an online service offering voice mail greetings to clients at a very reasonable rate. These voicemail greeting can be of any type such as business voicemail greetings examples, personal voicemail greetings, answering machine voicemail greetings, academic institution voicemail greetings and so on. We offer pre recorded as well as personalized voicemail greetings according to the clients’ requirements.

order pre recorded voicemail greetings

If you wish to have pre recorded voicemails then you can check out our sample page. We have a wide variety of pre recorded voicemail greetings divided according to their different types. You can listen to these voicemail greetings and know about the high sound quality. We have a large archive to choose from and so we are sure you will find the pre recorded voicemail greeting that best suits your requirement.

Features of Our Pre Recorded Voicemails

  • You can avail our sample voicemail greetings quite easily by ordering your requirement and making the payment through the secure online process.
  • The best feature of our service is our quick delivery. We do not keep our clients waiting for several days for pre recorded voicemails.
  • The samples help you listen to the voicemail and be your own judge. We are not cheating you in any way. You listen and you decide.
  • Each available greeting is a professional voicemail recording. The professionals are experts in the task of recording. Their sound quality, focus, pitching of tone, the pace of speech and clear pronunciation is the best you will find.
  • The samples of voicemail greetings are pre recorded by our professionals for the convenience of prospective clients. On urgent situations, you can avail the pre recorded messages which are delivered to your mailbox instantly after you have completed the online ordering formalities.
  • Recordings are made in a soundproof room that gives total clarity in speech without any background noise.
  • We have checked each and every sample recording. So you will not find any kind of break in speech or overlapping voices.
  • You have the option to choose your pre recorded messages in male or female voices.

Recorded Voicemail Greetings Available in Various Languages

We offer professional voicemail message recording in English language and many other languages not to forget the accent. Here is a brief list of the most popular ones:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Russian

No matter how good a voicemail message is, if it is not understood by the listener it is of no use. So with the language we also give special emphasis to the accent. Other services do not pay much heed to the accent of the recording but we know that if the accent is not correct then the people belonging to a specific country or region will have difficulty in understanding the “recorded voicemail message”.

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Voicemail greeting Service
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