Formal Voicemail Greetings for Business

The business voice mail greetings are often the first contact with your past, present or future prospective clients. It has an important role to play with regards to your interaction with people. Professionally, a casual message will not have a good impression on the caller. To represent the company in the right way you need to spend some time and create a concise yet effective formal business greeting. The voicemail greeting helps you acquire the information that you would like to know from the caller in your absence. You can also assist the caller to a certain extent and answer him/her how or when to contact. The messages from callers get recorded in the inbox which of course has a limited memory so it is best you erase the messages after you are done with them.

Top Tips for Business Voicemails

These tips can be applied to the phones used for attending to callers in your company:

  • Do mention the name of your company (and your name if require) at the very start of your greeting so that your callers know whether they have dialed the right number or not.
  •  You might have a caller who is already familiar to the greeting. So, insert an option of allowing the caller to skip the message by pressing a certain key and leaving the voicemail directly so that they need not have to wait for the greeting to get over. This saves the caller’s time.
  • If you are absent for the day or are on an extended leave, you can have the number of a colleague included in the greeting so that he/she can assist the caller in your behalf.
  • In the case of being away from your desk for lunch breaks, meetings etc., you can add your email address or alternate contact number in the greeting message.
  • Give the assurance that you will surely get back to the caller. Do not use terms like ‘will try’, ‘may call’ etc.
  • Inform the caller about when to expect a call back from you, if you have a particular time allotted to get back to the callers.

Voicemail Greeting for Business: The Way It Should Be

Your business voice mail formal greetings should always be up to date. Call your office number from your cell phone from time to time if the greeting needs to be updated or edited. Make sure the message is clear, brief and easy to understand. It is good to avoid background music in a business voicemail to maintain the clarity of the message. You can contact our service if you “need any voicemail for your business”. We offer many different types of voicemail greetings such as formal, personal, casual etc.

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