Do I Need Separate Voicemail for Each Employee?

Voicemail is an invaluable part of your phone system no matter what business you are in. Whether it is the main phone greeting or your employee voicemails they need to present your company in a way that is going to impress the caller and make the correct impression.

According to figures provided by Propeller, some 80% of calls go to voicemail and are not answered directly. So you can be pretty sure that many of those calling your business are going to expect that your office employee voicemail greetings will be polite and informative. First impressions count big time so you want to ensure that whoever the caller is looking for provides them with that perfect impression every time. You will want to present a consistent and professional image for your company no matter who they are looking for within your business. You also want it to be clear to the caller who they have reached and what their department is so that they know that they have reached the right person for their inquiry.

Why Use Separate Employee Voicemails?

Many years ago companies would employ a receptionist that would direct calls and take messages. These would then have to be distributed to the business. Today’s phone systems, however, allow for a much better experience for callers. Most will be able to directly reach the specific person or department that they are looking for. However, if that person is not actually sat at their desk you don’t want to just sit there listening to a ringing phone going unanswered.

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Today’s systems allow for personalized professional answer machine messages that can be created for every extension within the business. This means that every employee will be able to leave a personalized message for internal and external calls and receive their own personal messages, often from anywhere.

How to Record an Effective Employee Voicemail Greeting

While employee voice mailboxes can often be given any greeting that the user wishes there should always be guidance provided to ensure that the messages are suitable and will portray the right company image. The following guidance will help with ensuring that your employee voice message greeting will be recorded perfectly:

  • Always start your message by stating who you are what the department is that you work for so that it is clear for the caller that they have reached the right extension.
  • Think who your audience will be: are you likely to be called by an irate customer or someone looking for a job? Tailor your message accordingly.
  • Don’t try to be funny: while a little light-heartedness may be acceptable it is best to avoid any real attempt at humor. People calling on serious business are not likely to be impressed.
  • Keep your greeting short: the caller is not going to want to wait forever before they can leave their message. Get straight to the point and avoid unnecessary chat such as explaining all of the offers you have this week.
  • Keep things up to date: hearing that you will be back in the office on the 20th of the month when it is already the 25th is not going to impress the caller.
  • Practice: try your greeting several times so that you are clear what you will say prior to making your recording.
  • Avoid any background noise: don’t record your message when you have an office full of laughing buddies or any other noise.

What Should a Good Voicemail Greeting Sound Like?

The following voicemail greeting employee samples will give you some idea of how simple and to the point, your own greeting should be:

  • “Hi, this is Sam Smith in accounts. Please leave your name and contact details and an outline of your query and I will get back to you as soon as I am back at my desk.”
  • “Hi, this is Malcolm Brown in customer service, sorry that I am not at my desk at the minute. Please leave your details and a brief message and I will get back to you within the next 2 hours or sooner.”
  • “Hi you have reached the phone of Melisa Jones in HR, please leave your name and number and the reason for your call and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.”

Also, remember this piece of advice from Grasshopper:

“You might be shaking your head right now, saying, ‘But they can’t see me through the phone…why should I smile?’. Customers are smart. A study by the University of Portsmouth shows that people can tell when you’re happy to hear from them, despite the fact that they can’t see your facial expressions or body language. The Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) has specific rules pertaining to office etiquette, including recording voicemails with a smile. If you don’t think smiling makes a difference, record two different voicemails: one where you’re smiling and one where you’re not. Which one sounds better?”

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